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Embassy press release on the Canadian contribution for Afghanistan during NATO Summit "Warsaw 2016"


On July 9, 2016 during the NATO summit in Warsaw, where the international community announced the 5 billion dollars package for Afghanistan until 2020, Canadian Government announced to continue supporting Afghanistan until 2020 with $170 million toward Afghan National Army and Security forces and 270 million on other civilian projects including supporting women’s and girls’ rights and empowerment.

Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa welcomes the commitment of international community and specifically Canadian contribution of $465 million through 2020. This is a big step toward further strengthening diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and international community. Afghanistan needs the support of its allies to further support its progress and further secure and stabilize the country and region to fight terrorism.

This Embassy worked closely with the Canadian Government officials to further strengthen diplomatic relations and thankfully Embassy Charge d'Affaires managed to meet the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs and other high level officials to discuss the situation in the country and the importance of Warsaw Summit 2016 for Afghanistan.

The Government and People of Afghanistan will always remember and appreciate the sacrifices and help that Canadian Government made to Afghanistan, and will take responsibility for improving governance, fighting corruption, and respecting human rights issues, and hopefully by 2020 we will achieve much needed improvement in all aspects.

Released from the Political and Media Department
Embassy of Afghanistan in Canada




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