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eMBASSY Charge d’Affairs Mr. Qayomi met with Acting Director General for Asia Pacific at Global Affairs Canada


On July 12, 2016 Mr. Mohammad Dawood Qayomi met with Ms. Julia Bentley, Acting Director General for Asia Pacific at the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada, to discuss Warsaw Summit outcomes.

During the meeting, Mr. Qayomi expressed the appreciation of the Government of Afghanistan, for new Canadian commitment at the NATO Summit at Warsaw. The very productive meeting between Canadian Prime minister and Afghanistan President along with Chief Executive, during the summit opens a new chapter and diplomatic approach for the relations between two countries.

This Summit has been very important step to assist the National Unity Government of Afghanistan, its goal and strategy, which President Ghani has outlined during his speech, to achieve through 2020. The Government of Afghanistan received a strong message and assurance that the International community and especially Canadian are with Afghanistan and the funding provided during the Summit will help boost the Afghan Security forces moral and also will give a strong signal to Terrorists that Afghanistan will not be a safe haven for them.

“The government and people of Afghanistan will always remember and appreciate the sacrifices and help that Canadian Government made to Afghanistan, and will value the recent announcement” said Mr. Qayomi.

Ms. Bentley mentioned that, Canadian Government is standing alongside its international allies to help Afghanistan and the Warsaw Summit showed that we will be supporting Afghanistan in the years to come.




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