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AFghanistan new Ambassador Presented her credential


Ottawa, 21 November 2016- Today, HE the new Ambassador of Afghanistan, Ms. Shinkai Karokhail accompanied with the new team of diplomats, and representatives from Afghan Community in Canada, presented its letter of credential to His Excellency the Right Honorable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada. Ms. Karokhail was former member of the Parliament and Women Rights Activist and a well known politician.  

The Honorable Governor General has accepted her letter of credential and stressed the importance of Canada's role in Afghanistan. HE Honorable Governor General has also praised the Ambassador's achievements promoting women rights and advocating for women empowerment in Afghanistan and stressed that Canada will continue supporting programs for better security in Afghanistan, improve women rights, enable access to better education and health and promote social economic ties and engagement between the two countries.

Afghanistan-Canada partnership is strategic and realistic, addressing the current global needs. The Ambassador added that we are partnering to fight international terrorism, drug trafficking, human rights violation and accompanying turbulences while building of a state rooted in democratic and equalitarian values, responsive to the needs of the people of Afghanistan.

HE the Ambassador of Afghanistan conveyed the message of thanks and gratitude of HE the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani, and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, and the people of Afghanistan for Canada being a true friend, partner and supporter of a better future for Afghans.

HE the Ambassador of Afghanistan stressed that we treasure Canada's and the larger international community’s relentless support in building Afghanistan state’s and people’s capacity and the commitments made in Warsaw and Brussels to continue strengthening the Afghan National Security Forces, as well as supporting the National Development Priorities has communicated a message of further assurance and hope for a better future. Canada has made enormous contributions to Afghan leaders’ nation building process lead to a generational change in Afghanistan. Canadian support in promoting security and democratic development, securing human rights, provision of access to education, health and other essential services across the country cost Canada billions of dollars and blood of soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives to Afghanistan’s cause.

Thank you Canada for your friendship, being with us in the hard and challenging days, this is very important and very rewarding time and mission. Canada's contribution is part of the unforgettable history and pride to us, the Afghans. 

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