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Afghanistan Ambassador Spoke at the Unveiling of Afghanistan Mission Commemorative Plaque

Ottawa: On February 6, 2015, His Excellency Sham L. Bathija participated in the ceremony of the Unveiling of Afghanistan Mission Commemorative Plaque at the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development that recognized the Canadian Civilian Government Employees participation and contribution to the mission in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014.

While conveying the best wishes of the Unity Government and people of Afghanistan d uring the event, Ambassador Bathija talked about the importance of Canadian role in rebuilding of Afghanistan and the impact of each and every Canadian during their time being there or working on Afghanistan.

He informed the audiences regarding the considerable achievements in economic and social sectors have been recorded but, challenges still remain. Ambassador Bathija praised the assistance and sacrifices of the Canadian soldiers and staff and mentioned that their sacrifice is not a lost cause. He highlighted about the economic opportunities in the county and said “thanks to your contribution for the past decade, Afghanistan is moving forward and gaining progress and prosperity. Meanwhile both Afghanistan and Canada can benefit on win-win basis from investing in the mining, agriculture and other sectors of the county.”



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