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Embassy Medal Conferment Ceremony for General Michael Day

June 11, 2013

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The Embassy of Afghanistan hosted a Medal Conferment Ceremony for General Doland Michael Day, Director General-International Security Policy at the Department of National Defence, Tuesday, June 11th, during which Senior Political Advisor Sharif Ghalib presented the Presidential First Degree Baryal Meritorious Service Medal to General Day.

In his inaugural observations at the ceremony Mr. Ghalib said, “The event this afternoon marks an important occasion which best exemplifies the conspicuous contributions of Canada toward Afghanistan in the context of the historic partnership between the two nations, into its second decade now.”

He went on to say, “The Government of Afghanistan has issued the Medal to General Day recognizing his outstanding contribution in maintaining peace and security and providing training and equipment to the Afghan National Army (ANA) during his service as Deputy Commander Army, NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan.”

General Day expressed gratitude to President Karzi and the Government of Afghanistan for awarding the Medal and said, “I receive this award with pride and am determined to wear it as often as I regard it as a token of appreciation of the government and the propel of Afghanistan to all the Canadian men and women who served in Afghanistan including those who lost their lives in the line of duty out there.”

The hour-long event was attended by Mrs. Laura Day along with a number of officials from DND and DFAIT including, Mr. Graeme McIntyre, Director of Asia Relations of DFAIT, Lieutenant General Jonathan Vance, Director of Staff, Strategic Joint Staff DND, and Ms. Jennifer Hart, Deputy Director, Bilateral Relations and Operations/Afghanistan, DFAIT as well as a group of community representatives; Dr. Bashir Ahmad, Mr. Abdullah Mojaddedi, women activist Mrs. Najia Hannafi and others.

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