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Embassy Staff and representatives

Mr. Mohmmad Dawood Qayomi
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 232
email: d.qayomi@afghanembassy.ca

Ms. Laila Ayan
First Secretary,
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 227
email: l .ayan@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Omar Gharzai
First Secretary, Consul
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 229
email: o.gharzai@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Najibullah Safi (Political Affairs)
Second Secretary
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 234
email: n.safi@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Abdullah Sabet Mushahed
Third Secretary
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 231
email: s.mushahed@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Sharif Ghalib
Senior Political Advisor
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 225
email: s.ghalib@afghanembassy.ca

Dr. Ghulam R. Nayab
Senior Economic and Trade Advisor
Phone: 613-563-4223,
email: g.nayab@afghanembassy.ca

Ms. Sitara Sharif
Sr. Executive Assistant to Ambassador
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 233
email: assist@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Tamim Amini
Public Diplomacy and IT Officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 233
email: m.amini@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Khalid Khosraw
Media officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 221
email: k.khosraw@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Ahmad Siar
Finance officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 240
email: a.siar@afghanembassy.ca

Mr. Nafez Ahmadzai
Consular Officer
Phone: 613-563-4223, ext: 222
email: n.ahmadzai@afghanembassy.ca

Afghan Representatives in Ottawa

March 2012 to June 2013: Mr. Barna Karimi, Ambassador,

March 2011 to October 2011: Mr. Ershad Ahmadi, Minister Counsellor, Charge d'Affaires.

June 2009 to February 2011: H.E. Mr. Jawed Ludin, Ambassador.

September 2004 to June 2009: H.E. Mr. Omar Samad, Ambassador.

November 2003 to September 2004: Mr. M. Sharif Ghalib, Minister Counsellor, Charge d'Affaires.

October 2002 to November 2003: H.E. Mr. Abdul Jalil Jamily, Ambassador.

April 2002: Mr. M. Sharif Ghalib, Minister Counsellor, Charge d'Affaires.

240 Argyle Ave. Ottawa, Ontario, K2P-1B9 | Phone: (613) 563-4223 / 65 | Fax: (613) 563-4962 | contact@afghanembassy.ca